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    Combine multiple panels within single window.

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      I am creating an extension for Illustrator CS6 using CS SDK 2. My extension has the ability to open up multiple panels and each panel has its own window. I want all panels in a single window similar to the Layers panel in Illustrator (Layers\Artboards in a single window as tabs). The scenarion is:

      1. Panel A is the defaul panel of my extension and opens up through Window->Extensions->My Extension.

      2. On Panel A i have a button that will open Panel B using the code:

           var newPanel:Window = new Window();

           newPanel.type = CSXSWindowType.PANEL;

           newPanel. width = 400;

           newPanel.height = 400;



      This is what i get:



      This is what i want:



      I can not figure out how to combine the panels through code when they open up.

      Kindly help.