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    How to export signatures and preferences

    jonz500 Level 1

      Hello, I am due to upgrade a number of laptops from 7 Pro to 7 Enterprise, so full format and re-build unfortunatley.  Is there any way to export the signatures used to sign docs out of Acrobat Pro?  I am told that current signatures will also need to work with existing docs that have been digitally signed.  Apologies my knowledge on this process is not 100%.

      The users also have a number of preferences that will need to be retained and imported onto the new build.


      Your help is appreciated.



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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Some preferences can be found in this folder:


          But I don't think you can export most preferences, so take screenshots of the Preferences windows before formatting your hard-drive, just in case...


          Regarding signatures: It depends on the type of signature.

          Some signatures are just stamps, for example those that can be created via the Sign panel on the right. You will find them in the following path:


          Other signatures (digital IDs) can be exported by going to Edit - Preferences - Signatures, then click the More... button in the Identities & Trusted Certificates box and from there you could export the digital IDs in your computer as files.

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            IsakTen Level 4

            Which version of Acrobat are you using? In Acrobat 9 and later you can export security setting to a file and then import them on another machine. You will need a signing credential to certify the security settings file as this feature requires that the security settings file is certified.

            In Acrobat X it is under Tools->Sign&Certify->More Sign&Certify->Export Security Settings

            In Acrobat XI it is under Edit->Preferences->Security->Export

            On a separate machine you use the same place but select Import.

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              SYSTEM IT DEVELOPER Level 1

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