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    Show and Return

      I've created over 50 tutorials in Adobe Presenter/PowerPoint.

      Now I'm trying to use a PowerPoint feature called Show and Return, and I can't seem to get it to work in Adobe Presenter. Could someone please provide some advice on how to do this?

      Let's say I have a training module which tells you how to print fliers. There may be 10 different spots within a tutorial that give you a link to learn how to print fliers. So let's say you're viewing slide 5, there's a link that says "Learn how to print fliers." You click the link, it takes you to a Custom Show, which shows you 5 slides on how to print a flier, and then it returns you to slide 6 when it's done.

      Now on slide 30, there's a link that says "Learn how to print fliers." You click that link, and it takes you to the SAME Custom Show, shows you the same 5 slides, and then returns you to slide 31 (the slide following the slide you clicked the link from).

      This function works fine when I'm just using PowerPoint, but I can't seem to make it work in Presenter. Once I publish the file and use the function, it does not Return when it is done.

      How do I make it so that Show and Return works with Presenter presentations?
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          Cheeop Level 1
          So no one else has a use for the Show and Return function when performing training or presentations through PowerPoint/Presenter?

          If you don't use the Show and Return function, then what method do you use for re-using content within one presentation?
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            Cheeop Level 1
            I'm still looking for a method to reuse content within a single presentation.

            Does anyone who creates presentations have a desire to re-use slides within the presentation? There's a great feature in Power Point for this called Show and Return, but I can't seem to get it to work in Presenter.

            Anyone else had luck with this?