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    DW CS6 Creative Cloud subscription inserting "incompatible" html

    Mark.Stewart Level 1

      This post references a Dreamweaber bug, and looks to professional coding practice as well as W3.org guidance for solution.


      Environment: Windows 8 64 bit on Intel (and Microsoft/Asus/AMD) hardwares, Dreamweaver CS6 Creative Cloud software subscription.


      Problem (bug or unfinished application): Html 5 doctype, DW in Design View is inserting incompatible void tags for hr and br.


      Expected behavior of DW CS6: DW should write HTML5 specification self closing br and hr tags in HTML5 documents.


      Information:  W3.org HTML5 Reference, "The Syntax, Vocabulary and APIs of HTML5", W3C Editor’s Draft 9 August 2010, section Void Elements.

      [apologies, but Adobe SYNC server is down and we have been unable to post in this forum when the post includes a URI]


      HTML5 is "experimental", rather than being standards based, so much inappropriate code can be used without triggering Validator errors. However, we all agree that DW shoulld cater to the highest standards.


      DW is writing "incompatible" code that escapes Validator detection. At the same time, DW's incompatible void br and hr tags are creating havoc in the DW coding environment. Specifically, when void tags are inserted, other code elements begin to not perform as expected when translating to browser. Also, copy will stop pasting what is copied. Also DW will crash within an hour.


      Consider that it is good that DW recognizes its code is incompatible, but needs to start entering compatible code, please!. Is this problem only occuring for Creative Cloud software subscription version of Dreamweaver CS6?


      We have a good professional work around. To avoid DW's void tag bug/problem, the only work around is to never enter content that results in DW creating incompatible void tags. Enter self-closing br and hr tags in code view, and enjoy days of trouble free code development. That's our experience.