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    Need to Display "Loading" While User is Waiting

    Gary1 Level 1

      Most of my CF apps start with a formpage.cfm, where user fills out a form, then clicks SUBMIT.  The formpage.cfm calls another "actionpage.cfm" with the results and the report.


      However, as with many queries, the response time can take a minute or two, or longer.  Would like to display a "LOADING" graphic, while the user is waiting for the server to respond.  I've looked up some info on AJAX, but can't seem to find any good examples or tutorials that work for .CFM applications.


      Does anyone know of a good thread on this site, or link to a good tutorial, that would provide info on how to set this up?  Am new to AJAX, but have used Java Script and CSS for 10 years now, when wanting to add new features. 


      Appreciate any help, advice or direction on how to set this up.  A link to a good tutorial would be most appreciated.  Thank you.