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    CQ 5.3(websphere) to CQ5.6(jboss5.1) Migration Approch


      We are on CQ5.3 in WebSphare Env now we would like to migrate it to CQ5.6 and Jboss 5.1.

      Brief about env

      CQ Version: 5.3

      OS: Linux

      Component: 100+

      Templates: 10+

      Data size: 20GB

      No of sites: 20+


      Could you please suggest what the best approach to do this is? 

      Option 1:  In-place Upgrade –

      1. Migrate CQ 5.3 to Jboss
      2. Run the upgrade it to CQ5.5. On Jboss 5.3 – Not sure we can do this.


      Option 2: package manager.


        Create the package of components and content of CQ5.3 and move it to 5.6 env.


      Please let me know if there is any other option and your views on above approach. I think Option 2 will be more reliable but require scripts to move 20GB content.


      I have successfully migrated components and templates to 5.6 env without any issues. Looks like there is not much change in CQ Api’s .