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    "This Project Appears to be Damaged" Mac to PC issue


      Hey folks, I've come across a problem only recently in transferring Premiere Pro CS6 projects from Mac to PC.


      I've been working with a client for about a year on a project that they have been working with on Macbook Pro's (OSX 10.8x and previously 10.7x) that they transfer to me on external drives (HFS format) which I continue to work on on my Windows 7 PC with CS6 (using Paragon HFS to utilize HFS drives).


      This has worked fine until recently (and I can't remember if the switch to 10.8 happened before or after this) but all of a sudden when I try to open any of the projects they deliver to me I get the "Project Appears to be Damaged" error.


      I don't think the project is actually damaged since it can be open on my Macbook Pro, and all three of the units they have.


      I wonder if the issue came up with 10.8 (we are using AVCHD and 10.8 changed the way AVCHD is handled by the operating system)


      I understand I can probably just import the "damaged" project into new project but it would be nice to understand why the issue came up.