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    Paragraph style ignores style options

    BiancaWriter Level 1

      I am changing the style options for a paragraph style in InDesign CS6, but the changes are not applied to any of the text that uses that paragraph style.


      My paragraph style is called Copy, and it's Helvetica Neue (TT), 10 pt size and 12 pt leading. I open the Paragraph Style Options window for the style, and change the the size to 8 pt and the leading to 9.6 pt; however the text doesn't change at all. Even if I save these Paragraph Style Options and then re-open that window again, the window shows the new values. There's also no "+" that displays next to the Copy paragraph style in the Paragraph Styles panel, so there aren't any overrides.


      If I override the Copy paragraph style by manually changing the size and leading, the changes are applied to the text, so I don't think there's a Helvetica Neue limitation invovled.


      Any insight?