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    Linux Project Error

      I recently installed Linux alpha on Ubuntu 7.10 and it runs great, but i have a problem with an important project that i;m working on. In windows, using the flex plugin for elcipse, i can compile the project and run it without any problems, but in Linux I can not compile the project because i receive this error message:

      Declaration of style 'textDecoration' conflicts with previous declaration in /home/razvan/Flex/sdk/3.0.0/frameworks/libs/framework.swc(mx/controls/CalendarLayout.)

      I searched (using search in files) for a textDecoration style in my project but i did not find anything. I open the framwork.swc and take a peek at the css but there was no textDecoration style and also tried to delete all the DateChooser from my project. None of this options worked.

      In Windows everything runs without any errors but in Linux a can not compile the application because this error. I don't want to use windows any more but now I'm forced by this bug-error. Pls Help.