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    Sigma DPxM support

    Greg Barteluk

      Here we are with CR 8.1 Beta and still no Sigma support. Is this Sigma being stubborn and expecting us to use their limited Photo Pro software? If so, my DP2M (which I like very much) will be my last Sigma camera purchase. Or is this Adobe not responding to the requests of its users for reasons unknown?

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          deejjjaaaa Level 2

          it is not so popular marketsharewise for Adobe to spend time... technically they can do that w/o issues... for example Iridient Rawdeveloper - it is just one developer there and it supports Sigma's latest (& greatest)... so you might be better w/ dumping 16bit tiffs from it (it is not that expensive software, and if you PC/WIN then there is always a way to run OSX in a virtual machine, that adds $$$ for VMWare, but you can try Oracle VirtualBox) w/ minimal processing and working futher w/ PS (or ACR and then PS)