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    JVC compatibility


      I have Windows 8, a JVC Everio (GZ-E205) camcorder and have downloaded a trial of Premiere Elements 11. When I connect up via USB I get the message that no compatible device is recognized, although the Adobe literature leads me to believe that they are compatible. Is there  some tweak I can make, or should I just give up?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What happens when you use Windows Explorer (or does Win8 call it File Manager?) to try and connect to the camera?

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Also, in the OS, when you have that camera connected, and turn it on, do you get the "bing-bong" notes, indicating that the camera is being recognized by the OS?


            Good luck,



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              Ricedoro Level 1

              Your message helped in the sense that it gave me something to

              investigate but I'm no nearer being able to add media. TheWindows8 OS

              does recognize that I've connected JVC camcorder and tells me how much

              spare capacity I have etc. And I do get a ding-**** sound when I

              initially connect via AdobePE - but the only message forthcoming is "no

              supported device has been detected". It doesn't make any difference

              whether I set the camcorder to upload or playback on a PC. John






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              What happens when you use Windows Explorer (or does Win8 call it File

              Manager?) to try and connect to the camera?

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