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    Export InDesign Objects and Layers To Photoshop


      Hi there,


      I am in a situation whereby I have designed several web pages with InDesign CS5.5  because it is easier and quicker to use paragraph styles and accurate positioning etc. The website was designed to be built entirely using CSS for colour blocks and typography with the photography being optimised and accurately sized via photoshop.


      However, the developer has now come back asking me for the original Photoshop files with everything on layers. I expained that I do not have the time or the will to reproduce the entire site in Photoshop. I did explain that he should only require the photography as everything else can be made using CSS but to we have not reached a compromise.


      I have tried running this script in InDesign to export the layers to Photoshop but all it does is export the flattened layers including all the layer's objects into a single layer in Photoshop, which is not what I want. I need all objects from the InDesign file on separate layers in photoshop.


      Unless I'm not using the script correctly, I am at a loss of how to quickly reproduce the site in Photoshop.


      I can't upload a screenshot of the site as it's for a large retailer in the UK and still under wraps so to speak.


      Any suggestions appreciated!