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    Annoying Flash Player Notice

    round eyes

      To whom this may concern:

      1.   Everytime I turn on my Laptop, at the bottom of the screen is a:  Blocked Notice that says, ''this web page wants to install the Flash Player"!    It gives me a choice of:  1.  Allow for this site.  2.  Allow for all websites.  I click the X icon, to close it, because since when I installed the FLASH PLAYER, about 3 weeks ago, I experienced all kinds of MALFUNCTIONS on my computer.  I then UNINSTALLED it, and since then I get this ANNOYING Box at the bottom of every page.


      2.  Then when after I enter some words into the Search Box, I am directed to a page that is to me, BLOCKING all of my searches!  It looks like a Search page:  it has abbreviations of different sites like:    EBAY   AMAZON and a few others.


      3.  When making a search on my homepage of Yahoo, I notice On the top where my Browser is:  there is a small box that says:  NEW TAB!!!   I click on the X, to close it, then I get the page that I want. 


      Is there anyway of disabling this ANNOYING BOTTOM SCREEN  TAB and ANNOYING BOX????