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    Help with summing rows


      I really need some help! I have a form has a lot of rows and columns. I know how to sum them using Formcalc, but it would be tedious and time-consuming to do it again and again for all my fields.

      So, here's kind of how the form looks like:


                                                   January           February       March              .......       Total Year

      Recyclable Amount

      Waste Amount

                                                                                      Total Tons




      What I was doing was something like this: Sum(January[0], February[0]....December[0]) under "Total Year". But I would have to repeat this about 20 times for different rows. Is there a script to easily sum across the row, so I don't have to manually change the numbers in the bracket each row? Thanks! I know this might sound confusing, so let me know if my question isn't clear... Thanks in advance!!