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    Sliding a page / symbol over entire stage


      I've looked around the on this forum.. a bit confusing...


      I have a symbol the size of the stage. Call it page 2.  I have element inside the symbol/page 2.. buttons, photos, text.  Like two different web pages.  On a command, I want page 2 to slide over page 1.  I've figured out how have page 2 slide over page 1 with all the elements...


      When the page first loads... I can't hide the symbol / page 2 even though it is off the stage ready to slide in on a commad.  This blocks all the buttons on the stage / 1st page.


      When page2 does slide over page 1, all the elements on page 1 are not hidden either.   I used the background on page 2 to give hide all the graphics of page 1, thus it looks like it's working.... and what i want...  but the bounding boxes of all of the elements on page 1 are still there if you click around the page..


      is there an easy way to hide symbols until I want them to appear?


      Fade out doesn't actually hide the symbol