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    Time remapping lip sync issue.


      I'll try to explain this the best way I know how.


      I created a pre-comp for my character mouths (as shown in the picture below). I then created a Null Layer and parented the Time Remapping of the mouth pre-comp to the Null Layer "rotation" using the principals of this video:


      Part 1: "Using Time Remapping For Lip-Sync Part 01"



      Part 2: "Using Time Remapping For Lip-Sync Part 02"



      I'm sure this is not new.


      My problem is that when I render the video the mouths do not reflect what is shown during editing... While I am editing I can ram render a small portion and the mouths will line up as I intend but once I do a final rendering they are slightly off at times... What am I doing wrong here?


      The screen shot shows that I am in my 'Mouths, LG' pre-comp and the cursor is situated to show "layer 23" in the "Mouths, LG pre-comp"... Now the preview window is showing one mouth for layer 23 (the wrong mouth) and when I open layer 23 you can see that a different mouth is shown towards the top left side of my attached image. I believe whatever is causing this is the problem but I don't know how to make it right.


      I'm running windows 7 64bit if that matters and I am running After Effects CS6 Version


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Lip Sync Issue.jpg

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Are you nesting your Mouths comp in a main comp, enabling Time Remapping on that nested Mouths precomp and then animating?  I can't tell from your screen shots.


          And BEFORE nesting it, I'd also make that Mouths comp 1 frame shorter to eliminate that one empty frame at the end.


          Nothing like instructions in the wrong sequence, right?

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            Netcommercial Level 1

            I appreciate trying to make do with  what you have. Although for 40.00 bucks you can have a nice tool in your arsenal, you will be able to knock out stuff like this easy breezy. Check Mamoworld for Lyp sync. I watched the first link you posted and half way through it, I can see the value of the 40.00 I mention. Not an answer to your problem, I am sorry. Rather a solution.