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    Question(s) about Mask Paths-Instructing a mask to follow an open mask path

    Netcommercial Level 1

      Is it possible to instruct a closed mask to follow another open mask's path automatically?
      IF so how please? See Pic.
      I want Mask 2 the circle to follow mask 1 the "open path" from one end to the other over time. Without Manually KFraming each position. I'd rather do like 'text on a path' except using a mask shape instead of text. Animating via First or last Margin. Is that possible?mask to mask path.PNG






      The other ?
      How come my Mask shape moves from it's centered position (where I placed it) and then when I use my Pan Behind Anchor Point tool to animate the layer's Anchor point below it, the mask then moves off the screen to accomidate the pan? 
      Instead of having the Layer underneath panning as desired while leaving my mask centered in my comp?  I want the appearance that the picture is moving/tracking within the shape, while the shape stays put in the middle where I parked it.
      I even tried doing at as an anchor point pan, K Burns style. The Mask shape still animates instead of staying "put" in the center of the Layer? See Pics please Start/End
      Thanks for any direction on this one or two...

      AP start.PNGap end.PNG