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    How can Creative Clown work with stable, professional workflows?

    Brett Delmage Level 1

      As a longtime small business user of PP, I'm NOT pleased about the change from ownership to rental being forced on customers, including me,  next month.


      And how can Creative Clown work with stable, professional workflows? These require managed change.


      In the past, I could continue to run a proven, installed version of PP, etc.  e.g. 5.5 in parallel with a new version e.g. 6. So I could properly test the new version in parallel and make sure it had no show-stopper software defects before starting to use it for critical project work. And, as I've reported in this forum is past years, those bugs do happen. Ok, it's a complex software and testing is hard; I'll allow that. But MY risk from Adobe's software defects could be managed.


      But now, the only choice is take-it-or-leave-it? Accept an unproven release now, or hold off and accept it later, without an opportunity to test it IN PARALLEL?


      How is anyone supposed to use continually upgraded CC in this manner? As far as I can see, there is no way to run mutiple CC installations at different 'revisions' (whatever that means for CC!) How can a professional under time-pressure work in such a manner?


      This is lunacy.


      What is Adobe trying to push here? They sure as heck don't do their own software development without carefully controlled check-ins, check-outs and intermediate releases for testing. But we have no more choice when using Creative Cloud?