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    Should i buy cs6 PPRO vs PPRO 5.03 please?

    tfi productions 44 Level 1

      hello,  this should be a good one:


      i have a very stable ProductionPremium 5.03 system windows 7 with an i7-930 and 24gb of ram and 8 10k hdds


      i would really like to use encore 64bit

      i would really like to use audition

      i would really like to use rallymax x264pro encoder

      (i can't make a full bluray compliant disc without encore having to transcode in 5.03)


      i believe there are some new good features/effects of cs6 PPRO


      i also use avchd footage


      will cs6 users comment on the stability/issues of cs6 production premium

      as a whole and/or individual apps please


      i don't see myself updating to the cloud

      and i am wondering if i should keep 5.03 or

      get the boxed cs6 production premium


      thanks for your help, j