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    Time for "Jumping timelines"on Blue-ray


      Hi I have a question about Encore DVD on Blue-ray.


      After I builded and burned BD by Encore, and play it on normal BD player deck.


      When it change a timeline to another one, it stops and shows black screen for a while.


      I need several timelines to play alternative way of the contents for audience like





      Do we have any solution to cut off this "wating time" for jumng timelines?


      thank you in advance.



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          kt20110606 Level 1

          i found the solution by myself.


          1.update version CS6 of encore DVD

          2.create new timeline to put all movie contents as ABCD

          3. create new "chapter play" (if wrong, sorry, i don't know English version) to set A-B-D

          and create another "chapter play" to put A-C-D for example.


          then you don't have any waiting time and also timecode is shown continiously!!!


          even verCS5.1 has "Chapter play" but it didn't work, also to put several assets on one timeline must be stopped and freesed, but with CS6 it works!

          thanks to new version.


          more additional problem is,

          when user push que /rewind of contoroller, timeline shows all movies one by one.. that's bit strainge...i will find another solution on it.


          thank you for your cooperations.