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    what does edge produces?


      hi, when i work with edge after saving my work to a folder, this folder contains- except my animation .an, .html files- a folder with the some pictures i use in the animation, and some other files with code. I would like to know in what languadge this code is written and what exactly each file contains as there are three files of them. Also i was wondering if someone could tell my what are the simillarities and diferences beetwen edge and flash - actionscript. I need this informations for a university project, so this is really important to me. If anyone could help me i'd be very gratefull. Thank you.

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          Hi there,


          A very simple answer:


          Edge is html5, css3, javascript, and jquery.


          Edge being 1 year old is a work in progress and new things are added with each new version.


          If you search this forum, your question has been answered several times by Sarah Hunt or others from the Edge team.