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    Photoshop CS6 and CC

    Wildlife_in_Pixels Level 1

      I use Photoshop CS6 via single app monthly subscription and I bought Lightroom 4 outright, and this gives me a fully integrated PS/ACR/LR workflow.


      I've also been using the LR5 Beta since it was first available and will be upgrading to the full version as soon as its available.


      However, I seem to have been asleep or something because I've suddenly had PS CC sprung on me this morning and it's got me confussed.


      I gather that if I want to maintain my "fully integrated" LR/ACR/PS workflow under Lightroom 5 then I'll need to switch from CS6 to CC - I take it this will be the only way I can have identical controls in ACR 8 and LR5 ?


      Have I got this right?


      If so, can I switch my monthly CS6 subscription to a monthly CC subscription, or is it not quite that simple?



      Thanks in advance.



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          If you're already on the CS6 subscription model, you're already on track for CC.  On June 17, CS6 as a subscription will cease to exist and will become CC.  Totally seamlessly.

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            Wildlife_in_Pixels Level 1

            Thanks for that station_two


            One minor problem I can see - me and that word "seemlessly" - in 54 years we have never appeared to live in the same universe

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              Actually, you will be given the opportunity to download Photoshop CC 14.0 in June.  You can keep Photoshop CS6 13.1.2 installed if you like.


              Now, whether the "seamless" aspect will apply...  I imagine someone somewhere has a plan for it all to work together.  But, like you, I suspect it may take a bit of prodding to make everything sing well together, because it has always been thus.


              Very few here have seen the software yet, and of those who have it may be that none use both Lightroom and Photoshop.  You may well have to wait until June 17 to ask the question, or even a bit after, to see how it goes for others.  Nothing forces you to download the new version on the day of its release.



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                Thanks Noel.


                I've just been on Adobe Live Chat and had the following conversation:




                Alecia: Hello Andy.


                Alecia: Nice to have you on chat


                Alecia: How may I help you with the Adobe software purchase today?


                Andy: I only wanted to know if the single app monthly subscription to Photoshop CS6 entitled the user to Photoshop CC when it launches.


                Alecia: The subscription for Photoshop CC costs £17.58 / month and £14.29 ex VAT /month.


                Alecia: Just to know, what are the tasks that you wish to with the software?


                Andy: Alecia, I know Photoshop inside out so I don't need any help with it. all I wanted to know was if someone has an existing single app subscription to CS6 are they entitled to a free upgrade to a single app monthly subscription to Photoshop CC


                Alecia: If you own CS6, you can subscribe at $9.99 /month, if you have subscribed to CS6, you can not get any discount.


                Alecia: You can not upgrade subscriptions.


                Alecia: You can cancel and can subscribe to the other one.


                Andy: If someone has an existing monthly subscription to CS6 does this not automatically switch to CC - I have already been told twice that it does, now you are seemingly telling different.


                Alecia: It will  automatically switch to Photoshop CC.


                Alecia: I am sorry, I was telling about customers who own CS6.


                Alecia: If you have CS6 subscription, you will be switched to CC automatically.


                Andy: Thank you Alecia - that's what I wanted to have clarified. It seems there is a lot of misunderstanding about this CS6/CC "thing" on various forums worldwide, so I just wanted to know I understood things properly.


                Alecia: Yes, we do understand your concern, once the CC get released there will be the end to all these confusions


                Alecia: If you have still confusion, I can clarify, do you?


                Andy: As long as a monthly subscription to CS6 switches to to CC without any EXTRA charges then I'm good Alecia




                Alecia: There will not be any extra charge. I am sure.


                Andy: You are sure and I am hopeful




                Alecia: It was nice chatting with you today. 


                Alecia: Is there anything else that I can help you with?


                Andy: No thanks Alecia, you have a good day


                Alecia: You're Welcome.


                So it would appear that a "seamless" change over is the aim, though Alecias failure to refute the posibility of  "extra charges" doesn't fill me with confidence !

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                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                  It never ceases to amaze me how slow on the uptake some of Adobe's support staff can be.  It sure took a long time to get to:


                  Alecia: If you have CS6 subscription, you will be switched to CC automatically.


                  Even then, she didn't use proper terminology.


                  Close enough for Adobe work!



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                    Wildlife_in_Pixels Level 1



                    What you can't see Noel is the preceeding conversation I had with Sameena:




                    Sameena: Could you please elaborate the issue?


                    Andy: I currently have a monthly single app subscription to Photoshop CS6.


                    Andy: Will this update to Photoshop CC


                    Sameena: Thank you for the information.


                    Sameena: I understand you want have monthly single app subscription to Photoshop CS6 and  you want to know when  the New Creative cloud subscription releases the same will be updated. Is that correct?


                    Andy: I don't WANT a subscription to CS6 - I already have that! All I want to know is if my current CS6 will get upgraded to CC


                    Sameena: Yes Andy, once the new Creative cloud launches the existing subscription will be upgraded.


                    Andy: Will I be charged anything extra, or does my £17.58 per month payment cover the upgrade Sameena?


                    Sameena: No , you will not be charged any extra amount Andy.


                    Andy: Many thanks for the info Sameena. Have a good day. Best Regards Andy Astbury


                    Sameena: You are welcome.


                    Sameena: Is there anything else I can help you with?


                    Andy: No thanks, but I needed to know the facts because I teach Photoshop and Lightroom, and I have a lot of customers who are asking me about the costs of Photoshop CC


                    Sameena: Since you have reach the Customer Support, I request you to please contact sales support to get the accurate information.


                    Sameena: Please stay online while I transfer the chat to sales support.


                    Andy: OK


                    Sameena: Thank you.


                    Please wait while I transfer you to an operator at Adobe Sales.


                    You are now chatting with 'Alecia' at Adobe Sales.


                    Alecia: Hi, may I have your first name please?


                    It was like being on a merry-go-round


                    And the other thing you can't see Noel is the pauses - the entire excercise took nearly 40 minutes.


                    Notice how Sameena guarantees no extra charges, then Alecia took that guarantee and made it all blurry