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    display xml elements

    jagguy99 Level 1
      I can read in a file and display the XML elements of 1 tag (book)but i cant do elements of many tags (all book tags)like this

      input from file
      <?xml version="1.0" ?>
      <book author="Mmark twain" title="huck finn" />
      <book author="mark twain2" title="huck finn2" /> /cant print out?

      output and no 2nd line from above???
      Mmark twain author
      huck finn title

      var xRootNode:XMLNode =xmlData.firstChild ;
      var xnBook:XMLNode =xRootNode.firstChild;

      var attrib:Object =xnBook.attributes

      for (var sattrib:String in attrib ) {
      trace(attrib[sattrib]+ " " + sattrib); //only prints 1 line of <book> tag and not 2