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    GoPro Hero3 and Premiere Pro workflow for 720p output?


      I would like to render the final video output as 720p (for vimeo, youtube and also to watch from my HDD) however, I will mainly use 1080/60fps/Protune and 720/120fps/Protune to record my footage.



      1. When setting up a new project, what sequence option should I select? Is it HDV > HDV 720p30 or something else?


      2. How I can crop/scale down the 1080p video to match 720p footage?


      3. How I can convert 720p/120fps video to match my project with 1080p/60fps clips (I want my video to be as smooth as possible)?


      4. When exporting the video, what options should I choose?


      Thank you!