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    Placing text from Word - forcing "title" and "body" into separate text boxes.

    Jordan Noret

      I am working on a project where several coworkers are writing articles in Word, including formatted text such as the article title, article abstract, and article body.  I would like to be able to link these word documents to the InDesign book, and force each of these components to be placed into specific text boxes.  For example, if the author changes the title of an article in the word document, the title box in InDesign would be updated.  Is this possible?  All I have been able to do is import the text with the styles, but cannot figure out if it is possible to force breaks in the text. In the simplest example - I would have one small text box for the title, a larger text box for the abstract, and then the remaining text boxes would be for the article body.  I know this can be easily done by just having individual files for these components - Title.doc, Abstract.doc, Body.doc - but I would really like to keep the articles in one file.