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    Photoshop CS5.1 Actions Disappeared


      I am using Photoshop CS5.1 on a Mac. When launching Photoshop from Lightroom, I got an unexpected error (don't recall now what it said). Unfortunately, my custom workspace and all of my actions (default and user-defined) are gone. I utilize these actions heavily in my workflow and need them back ASAP. I have a good backup system, but when I click Load Actions from the Actions Palette, the default location [UserName]>Library>Application Support>Adobe>Adobe Photoshop CS5.1>Presets>Actions folder is empty (and backup files of this folder are empty long before I had this problem). Interestingly, my [UserName]>Library>Preferences>Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 Settings file still has an Actions Palette.psp file in it. I have shut down and rebooted many times without success. Any idea what I can do to get these actions back? I’m hoping it’s a matter of pointing Photoshop back to my preferences some how. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as it would take days I don’t have to recreate all of my custom actions from scratch. Thanks!