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    After Effects simulations



      So far I've been editing Movies with Lightworks Pro only, and compositing with Blender. Both are really nice programs, but the conveniences and some functionalities that the adobe suite (now cloud) offers are obviously missing.

      Now I'm still relatively new to video work, and haven't really worked with AE yet.

      After the research I've done so far with AE you will need stock footage pretty much for everything (be it fire, muzzle flashes, blood etc.). Maybe I'm wrong.


      Obviously it would be an investment for me (as a student), and I need to know how much of a string of other investments would be mandatory for it to pay off. Also I need to consider how much time I would be able to save with the money.


      Could you outline the workflow with PR and AE a little bit for me? By that I mean app. how things work. I now have thirty days in which I will shoot and edit a short movie to see whether or not the cloud will be worth it for me in the future.


      I would appreciate a short and crisp overview over the pro's (what would make me love the workflow, speed up any work by X times, make things beautiful and easy), but also the con's you encounter with the software (e.g. having to buy pricey 3rd party addons, stock footage etc.)


      I hope I'm not asking too much, or too general of a question. Also, I hope this is the right place to ask such a question.