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    Limit the Interactive Zone


      Hi everybody,


      Maybe I'm asking a really easy thing, but for now I haven't been able to figure it out by myself...


      If I make a circle to make it an interactive button of it, I'm not able to rollover only in the circle, but in all the square containing the circle. I want to to rollover ONLY in the circle, but I don't know

      how to limit the interactive surface. Happens the same with irregular shape buttons imported as PNG images, I want to click in the shape (for example a star shape), not in the transparent parts of it,

      but as the file containing the shape is a rectangle, it is possible to click in parts of the image where there is no image (for example, between the star points). I'm searching for accuracy because I'm

      working in an interactive map and I need to interact as close as I can to the shapes of the countries, irregular all of them...


      Hope I've been clear explaining my problem and hope anyone can answer me!


      Thank you so much!