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    drag and drop problem



      I have two figures, ellipse and rectangle. Ellipse is draggable and rectangle is droppable. When i drop my ellipse on rectangle, last(rect.) change color from green to yello. I need to change color back to green when i dropped out ellipse from it, but i dont no how i can do that.

      My code:


      // insert code to be run when the symbol is created here

            yepnope({nope:['jquery-ui-1.10.0.custom.min.js'], complete: init});

            function init(){

      //Use the code! Draggable! Droppable!!


      //Droppable... on the target!

            sym.$('rect').droppable({drop: function() {sym.getSymbol("rect").stop("yello");}}



      My previously thanks.