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    keylight not working properly in ae cs6 trial

      • after effects cs6 trial v11.0.2.
      • windows 8.
      • I dont know codes and stuff. i have windows 8..thats all i know. i have another camera but i havent tried keylight on it yet but my problem is with windows 8 right now
      • no error messages

               following a video tutorial on how to chroma key

      • was my first time chroma keying
      • quicktime 7.7.3.
      • nothing? just after effects
      • no idea
      • 4gb ram, x64 based processor, one disk drive.
      • trapcode?
      • no idea
      • never even got to ram preview?
      • Are you using Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously multiprocessing? i dont know what that is
      • i was following a video tutorial: go to key light 1.2, use the eyedropper, click on the color, it becomes a blackish blue; i want white
      • DSC00023.JPG