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    Audio Waveform Background Help


      Whenever i apply an audio waveform to ANY layer, be it a solid, adjustment layer, or anything, the background of the waveform is black, so i can't add a background to my waveform, to make it look nice. Just as a kind of example, here is what i am looking to do:




      except not as advanced. I can only get as far as the waveform, but i can't get ANY background whatsoever. If you don't believe me, try it yourself. Please help!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Do you have the plug-in set up to use the audio track? Just apply Audio Spectrum to a solid and then point to the audio. Adjust the other paramiters and you should be good to go.


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            KRNAZNBOY Level 1

            Sorry, thank for the help, but that is not what i am looking for. In the picture you added, i see the multicolored waveform, but do you see the black all around the waveform? The background? that is what i need to change. I want to put a ramp behind my waveform, but i am unable to because the black background behind the waveform is seemingly un-changeable.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You can put any background behind the waveform because it's transparent. Just add another layer. Almost any time you think you can't do something inAE you can by just adding another layer.


              Here's waveform over a gradient ramp masked to reveal a movie of my dog on a walk. audio2.jpeg

              Sounds like you are very new to AE. Please go through the basics. Layering and masking are just two of about 50 tools you'll need to master to be effective.