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    How to change clone stamp brush cursor from a cross back to a circle?

    Blondiegirlflx Community Member

      How can I change my clone stamp brush cursor from a cross back to a circle?

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          fr4nk13xx Community Member

          why would you even want too? afaik you can't


          It is a circle until you start cloning. i assume intentionally, as i woudl think the majority of people will say the circle would hide what you are trying to clone. where as the crosshair is just the centre.


          Also if you think about it, a wide feathering of the brush would a border actually help?

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            Blondiegirlflx Community Member

            fr4nk13xx - let me restate the problem...


            1-I select the clone tool

            2-I press option (a small circle within a larger circle with a crosshair appears) then I left click

            3-An image that is not a brush appears - it has 4 disconnected dashes in a cross configuration with a small dot in the middle.


            I prefer a circular brush.  How do I get the circle back?

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              Chris Cox Adobe Employee

              Either change your cursor preferences back to the defaults, turn off the CAPS LOCK key, or enlarge the brush so it'll have a large enough circle to preview.

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                FRANK M Community Member

                I had this same problem and was searching for answers. I also prefer using a circle instead of crosshairs. I hope you've figured it out by now, but, if you haven't, here is the answer (I am using Elements 9, but, it should work for other versions I think):


                1. Open up Elements Editor, Click on Edit, Click on Preferences, Click on Display & Cursors.

                2. Under Painting Cursors, select Full Size Brush Tip

                3. (optional) - if you want crosshairs within your circle, then also select Show Crosshair in Brush Tip.

                4. Click ok.


                Now use the brush, and it should have a circle to use.

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                  razzell2 Community Member


                  Blondiegirlflx, I have had to get the answer to this same question before and the answer is to un-cap your keyboard.
                  When you have the caps locked, the circle turns into the crosshairs.


                  What I don't get are some of these answers...


                  "why would you even want too? afaik you can't"

                  That ^^ silly answer caused you to re-word and re-ask your simple question.  Seriously, why ask her why? Just answer her or pass on by.  Don't judge, dude.


                  Anyway, yeah, the simple answer to your simple question is...when the caps are on the circle changes to the crosshairs.


                  I hope you were able to change it back.  I definitely prefer the circle because I can see the area I need to clone, delete, erase, change, whatever.