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    dynamic image shift

    FlexPrashant Level 1
      I am developing a application in which some images come dynamically in a canvas i want to select any image from this images and put it in another
      canvas at runtime , how do we shift a image from a canvas to another at runtime , please help me Smiley
      like www.scarpblog.com where we can put image from one canvas to another
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          atta707 Level 2
          Do you want to build this using drag 'n drop?

          Do you have the 'handle' of the selected image? That is, do you <img> component that's holding your image?

          Is you destination also an <img> component?

          if so, just set the source url of dest <img> to the source <img>. Similarly for the drag and drop you'd change the source of destination image on drop event.

          If this is not what you're looking, a further elaboration would be helpful.