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    Rotating image fill


      Hey All,


      I'm pretty new to AE and trying to create an intro to a video. A couple somewhat basic questions I was hoping to get answered.


      1. Does anyone know how I can take an graphic, that I've made a mask of and filled completely white, and fill it with a flashing or rotating set of images/colors over a short pierod of time? Basically to get the effect its changing color or patterns with pictures as the fill.


      2. I've learned how to create a handwriting effect, but I'm attempting to get it to look more professional and origonal... Basically a chalkboard handwriting effect with a transparent background. The font I've used (homemade apple) is ok, but I'd like to possibly create my own. If I took a picture of the actual writing I on a board, and then imported it into AE, is it possible to somehow cut that handwriting out of the image and do the handwritting effect with that?


      Any and all help is appreciated.



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          1. Use your animated masked graphic and use it as a track matte for any source of colors or animations you like. It can be anything.


          2. You can use blend modes to isolate your text and then use mask paths and stroke to reveal it.


          I'd suggest you go through the getting started materials if you haven't yet. Blend modes (like multiply) and Track Mattes are just two of the basic tool set you should have before attempting much of anything in AE.


          Here's how to set up a scanned image or photo of some text to animate using stroke. The original image is at the top in the footage window. The comp shows a stroke apaplied to the image selecting reveall original and showing the mask path. The background is just a white solid but it could be anything. Multiply will cancel out all of the white in the original image. Enjoy:



          Here's a CS6 Project you can take a look at.

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            Micall55 Level 1

            Rick.... thanks so much for your reponse and help so far.


            I'm headed to the getting started materials.



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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              Start here to learn After Effects: http://adobe.ly/bjBT3P