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    Making eyes like in the movie Cars

    Netcommercial Newcomer

      I am attempting to make eyes on cars like in the movie Cars. Which will also be lyp sync to have them talk as well. I thought AE would be the place do it all. However, It may not.

      I started thinking on the Mask approach of it, then thought what about eyelids? In the pic you can see the shape mask for the whites of the eyes... Then adding another solid and make the Pupils, eye lids.


      I would like to think production on this since the eyes are identical I would like to be ablt to just make one eye Duplicate it, and reverse it to fit in the other side. I then thought I should maybe make my assets in AI or PS to import and flip as necessary. Thoughts on this challenge? Using AE or is this too much keying for AE and I should make it with ToonBoom (Which I do not care for although I own the software) Plus having to bring it back in for lip sync and blinking when reacting to the Voice over...


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          Rick Gerard Mythic

          There are all kinds of ways to do this. I would make the pupils separate layers, and if you want blinks I'd make a separate comp that was just a blink. You then can use time remapping to animate the blinks. You could tie the pupils of both eyes to a null and then use motion sketch to animate the placement of the eyes in real time. None of this is hard, it's all just basic animation. AE has very easy tools to use to set keyframes if you just do a little digging.


          I was also noticing your mask on the headlight. Way too many vertices. With RotoBezier or Bezier masks you should only need about 8 points, maybe 10 to mask the headlights.


          Try something like this. I used shape layers for the whites, used a copy of the whites as track mattes for pupils, and parented the left pupil to the right eye. A few keyframes on the right eye and you're set.



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            Netcommercial Newcomer

            Thanks Rick. Yes I had Roto B on.   I will have to dig into time remapping, and I am still a bit foggy on a pre-comp. Does that mean I would create a Blink Comp (eyes closed) and then use that pre-comp on a few frames on a layer,  in the master comp to give me the Blink desired?


            I understand animating the Null and parenting the pupils to each other then to it.  Would that be in the Master comp or yet another sub comp.

            Little unclear on the "copy the shape layers, to then track matte for pupils".  I will need to think on this and play with it a bit. I would have like to have seen you put it together or at least your "UU" view or the "MM" to see all the details. I've been looking for some video on it, but I have seen Flash, and things like that thus far.

            At least I know I am forging the right path to get this done in AE and not need to use another software to get it handled. I am sure it will seem easy once I have done it. You gave me the proper names  and prob steps, to delve further into some searching around. Thanks again


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              Rick Gerard Mythic

              Take a look at this tutorial on using Time Remapping for Lip Sync. Substitute Eyelids for a mouth and you've got it.


              Be sure to watch part 2


              Robs tutorials are just the first that came up in a search. There are a bunch but these should get you started.

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                Netcommercial Newcomer

                Thanks Rick I have watched that video at least twice if not Thrice. I went a blew a cigar and thought about your post. I am still thinking about the pupils. Did you alpha the pupils out of the white? (Copy) (Parent to one another, then parent to a Null?) IF so, do I just animate the mask "cut outs" to go left, right, up and down via Key Framing. (for eye animation) I am sure these questions will be laughed at after I get through this lesson.

                Loving the challenge, frustrated at the learning curve sometimes. Funny thing I was talking to my Girl and she is studying to be a Dr. I was talking to her over dinner and using RNA splicing to give her an anology she would grasp. She laughed and showed me a line out of her RNA splicing book, how it refers to video splicing to explain RNA Splicing. Funny Right....LOL Thanks Doc...

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                  Rick Gerard Mythic

                  The pupils are just shape layers. So are the whites of the eyes. I saved out the project for you to look at. You'll find it here. It should get you started.


                  If you're completely lost then take a look at the getting started page here.

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                    Netcommercial Newcomer

                    Thanks Rick I will Dload again tomorrow on my WS Rig. Appreciate the help. I have been boppin thru Class on Demand and am at Chapter 8/ 201 end/> 301 Start, thus far, amongst other lessons.

                    Completely lost?....at times. Desperate enough to start over? LOL

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                      Pierre Devereux Newcomer

                      Hi man,


                      some completely off topic links - off topic, as they dont cover the type of animation you are looking for here, but worthwhile, simply because I think they are awesome, and would love to use them myself!


                      Animate a photorealistic Eye:






                      and a series of incrdibly detailed animation tutorials:


                      http://blip.tv/aetutsplus/character-rigging-and-animation-intro-5587559 - this on eis a 17 part tutorial. Once again, very involved, but I think if you have some free time over a weekend, check it out!



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                        Netcommercial Newcomer


                        Kramer Rocks. I love his tutorial's. I will take a look at those. I leared how to make zombies from him last week. Along with a pull away from a spot on Earth to an outerspace view.

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                          Pierre Devereux Newcomer



                          Keep checking his stuff, I learned to create the planet earth template we are using for our project from his shows.


                          Oh yes, Have you checked out Andrew Devis on Creative Cow? He has a great AE and Premier tutorial set. Extremely detailed and helpful.


                          Cheers man.