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    StageWebViewBridge - JS - caching

    DachFlach Level 1

      When I use StageWebViewBridge - which is very good BTW, I cannot seem to change the local html pages and see the changes in the AIR app.

      I use this method to load a page:



      sample.html is in the www folder.


      I have tried clearing caches, deleting from bin-debug folder, deselecting Build Automatically and manually deleting the file being called.

      But the old html page still loads! ??

      Perplexed by this  but also trying to load the file another way brings a new problem:


      var src:File = File.applicationDirectory.resolvePath("www/sample.html");

      var newPath:String = "file://" + src.nativePath;



      This method loas the page fine  but  when I try to implement javascript callbacks, I get this error:

      ReferenceError: Can't find variable: StageWebViewBridge


      The same page loaded using the first method mentioned above works fine - javascript and all.


      So, one way works but there is a weird caching problem.

      And the second has a weird no StageWebViewBridge found problem.