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    I am trying to activate an Acer Iconia - apparent Network Error


      I am trying to activate an Acer Iconia (Android) via LumiRead app. I receive an error 'Activation Failed - There is a network error, please check your WiFi, or the content server may not be available now. - Details show E_STREAM_ERROR: CURL returned 7 (0x7)'.


      The Aldiko app also fails to authorise - 'Error. Could not connect to server'.


      The Iconia was rebuilt under warranty about 6 months ago, prior to this the Iconia was activated successfully.


      There is no network error - I'm using WiFi now. The thing I find interesting is that I can not access any Adobe web page via any of the Android browsers (built in browser, Chrome, Photon Browser), but can access via PC - which is where I'm typing this from.


      ADE works fine on PC, and I can read DRM books.


      Activating the Iconia is starting to sh*t me up the wall. I have Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome and I'm trying to access a pain managment book via the Iconia. I'd appreciate any help


      Thanks Sheridyn