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    HDD Seagate Constellation ES.3 (4 TB) - Areca 1882ix - issue

    klfi Level 1

      I have externmal Backup, 5x 4TB Seagare Constellation ES.3 in Raid 5(4x4TB)

      connected via  SAS (SFF-8088) + 1x 4TB as Global HotSpare, also controlled by Areca.


      Since i got those 5x4TB Seagate Constellation ES.3 4 TB-drive i had problems all the time. In the meantime 4 disc have issues DMA CRC Error count. I checked this with HD tune. The issues did not come up at the same time, but one after another. In the meantime my reseller change HDD, but this game is running now since 3 month.



      Areca 1882ix is further controlling 10x 1 TB  HDD Samsung Spinpoint F-1 without any problem from Areca side.


      Any ideas, did i do something wrong. Maybe 4 TB-drives ar not well supportet. Areca documents that Seagate Constellation ES3-4TB passed the tests.

      Do i have to change my external storage solution - maybe i whick way ?


      thanks, Klaus