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    PDF form field alignment - Right to Left


      Actually I developed a form which pushes the entire PDF as an attachment by email when pressing on a send button created within the form.


      I have also added a text to appear within the email body message in Arabic language but its appearing on the left side of the screen and I want the alignment to be set by default to right.


      The code I use for the email body message to appear is:

      //  Set the body text for the email message

      var cBody = "\n\nشكراً على تفاعلكم و مشاركتكم.\n" +

                     "يرجى حفظ البريد المرسل كمرجع للبطاقة المرسلة";


      I noticed in outlook that the text direction is active once the pdf is ready to be pushed by email, hope this snap will clear it up for you guys.


      I still though need to add a script to make it appear on the right without human intervention.