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    10-bit color works in LR4 devel module but not in PS CS6


      Dear all,


      my setup is a ATI FirePro v4900 connected to two monitors: an Eizo CG276 and an old second monitor. I would like to get the Eizo to display 10-bit colors in PS CS6 under a 64-bit Windows 7.


      After setting everything up, I am at a point where Lightroom 4.4 displays the notorious ramp.psd file (see below) without banding in the develop module, hence I assume 10-bit is working there. In Photoshop, however, I had no success so far to get 10-bit to work.



      Here's what I've done so far:


      I set everything up as described here http://www.eizo.com/global/support/compatibility/photoshopcs6_nvidia_amd/index.html


      Summed up, I did:

      1) enable 10-bit mode in ATI driver and rebooted -> checked and this is still enabled after reboot

      2) open PS CS6 and enable "advanced" drawing mode and 30-bit display in the "performance" options and rebooted  -> checked and this is still enabled after reboot


      I verified that the monitor runs in 10-bit mode using Monitor Asset Manager 2.6 (http://www.entechtaiwan.com/util/moninfo.shtm). It states that Color bit depth is "10 bits per primary color", which is what I want.


      Then I tried to open the ATI 10-bit test file ramp.psd (http://www.amd.com/us/products/workstation/graphics/software/Pages/adobe-photoshop.aspx). In Photoshop it shows banding. As I've read that Lightroom 4's develop module uses 10-bit, I opened the file there and it had no banding.


      The only troubleshooting I could find for 10-bit colors in PS was this post http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/40945907 however I do not have desaturation set in the color preferences of PS, hence it does not apply to my problem.



      Does anyone of you have any idea about what to try next?