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    Every time I want to watch a YouTube video, I have to install Adobe Flash Player Plugin. What to do


      Whenever I want to watch a You Tube video or something else wich requires Adobe Flash Player, I get the message the Adobe Flash Player Plugin is missing and I have to install it. But the thing is I already installed it, many times.


      So I searched the Internet for solutions and I discovered many others were also having the problem, but I didn't find any solution. I did try many things that were suggested on forums:
      - I uninstalled it and re-installed it again

      - I did a complete clean uninstall and re-installed it again

      - I even re-installed all my browsers


      ...but nothing seems to work. I'm having this problem for about 2 weeks now and it's really getting on my nerves. No one on the web seems to know a solution. What am I supposed to do now?


      Extra info:

      - Adobe Flash Player version: 11

      - OS: Windows Vista

      - Browser: Opera, IE9


      Yours sincerely!