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    Adobe Dreamweaver 12.2 CCM release


      I am having issues with updating a website that was created in dreamweaver prior to the latest cloud update.

      For whatever reason when I add a new fluid layout div I am unable to change the number of columns it spans. I get the handles but they don't do anything.The width just sticks at 100%. It was working fine before the update but it is now broken as I am unable to update the website. If I have to start from scratch then this will be a massive headache. Any suggestions? Anyone else having the same issue?


      I have tried creating a new fluid layout site and checking for differences in the HTML and CSS files and discovered that 2 new classes have appeared in the layout.css - .fluid and .fluidlist. I have copied these over to my original site but this has not helped my issue. In fact with these 2 new classes in my layout.css I don't even get the fluid layout div handles or HUD.


      I hope someone can help. Thank you in advance!