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    HELP: My Videohive After Effects project is rendering artifacts!  AE CS6

    mystickid Level 1

      Hi all,


      HP-HPE 510t


      i7 2600 @ 3.4GHz

      16GB Ram

      Windows 8 x64bit

      Nvidia GTX 660 Ti




      I purchased a Videohive After Effects project with motion gfx and video, and it  is rendering artifacts in two places.

      I'm exporting Quicktime + animation, tried + PNG, and + photo jpeg but all with the same results.



      I even contacted the author but he cannot explain why either. The interesting thing is, it renders beautifully without any artifacts in AE.

      Only on the export render do I see the black silhouette artifacts. Below are some photos of what I mean.


      Please help? i'm trying to export the highest quality for youtube and am going to H.264 the lossless version.



      It looks correct in AE:




      But with black artifacts in lossless render?