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    Home Video...no sound? AVCHD file type video import




      Adobe PS Elements 11 - No Sound >


      Importing video AVCHD (home video) - video plays fine....but i hear no sound. 

      Pumped up volumne on PSE video screen and computer master volume...but no help...still no sound


      It cant be that difficult to get sound...could it?


      All i did was import the video from my C drive into PSE 11.  When i play the video on windows media player, it plays fine.  I hear the sound perfectly at 5.1 surround.

      So i know the movie file is good.....so why wont the sound import into PSE 11?


      My camcorder is new 2013.  SonyHD w/ 5.1 surround sound


      I would think there would be no compatibility issues since i am using latest PSE 11 and a newer camcorder.


      help please