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    Drag and Drop Events/Data Question

    Mark Forsberg Level 1
      I am dragging a row from one datagrid to the other. When dropped on the second grid I want to run a query that will return more detailed data on the drop object. I created the following function to try and capture a specific piece of data from the drop object that I can then pass to a .cfc for processing.

      private function dragDrop_handler(event:DragEvent):void{
      var myDragSource:DragSource = event.dragSource;
      var myStatus:String = String(myDragSource.dataForFormat('Status'));

      Here is the function call in my second grid: dragDrop="dragDrop_handler(event)"

      The Alert shows a "null" value. How can I capture the value of the "Status" field that is being dropped on my second grid? If it makes a difference the dragdrop object was created by flex. I didn't create a custom dragdrop object.

      Thanks for the help with this.

      Mark F