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    Using external javascript functions

    mhartington Level 1

      So I have a couple of scripts that I use to create a 360 image rotation and an auto rotate on page load that I use before animating them in Edge Animate.  Here's an example of what I mean. the 360 rotation is just cycling through a series of images to create a rotating effect every certain number of pixels the mouse is dragged. To make the autoplay, I use an extended version of jquery-ui to simulate a mouseclick and drag.


      Now this works well without bringing in the html into Edge Animate, but what I want to do is to be able to enable the autoplay after animating an image in Edge. So the call to start the autoplay is this.


      $('#product').simulate("drag-n-drop", {dx: 300, interpolation: {stepWidth: 10, stepDelay: 50}});




      So with the javascript libraries in referenced in my html already, would I right in saying that all I would have to do is add that script as a trigger on my timeline?