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    Flash image

      I just added a flash paper to a Dreamweaver CS3 site but I can't get it to stop scrolling. I know this should be done in Flash and not in Dreamweaver, but I can't figure out how to make the actions work to stop the motion after one scroll. I'm a new user of Flash and need some simple instructions on how to do this if anyone would be so kind.

      The site that it is on right now is http://barbarasansone.net. It's the index page so it will come up first thing.

      Jacqueline Gikow
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          scrfix Level 1
          I am not sure about flash paper however if you are using flash a simple stop command in the actionscript of the frame that you want the picture to stop at will work for you.

          Open flash
          open your movieclip or wherever you created the dropdown picture scroll
          create an Actions Layer
          In the actions layer go to the frame where you want the scroll to stop.
          Open the Actions Panel
          Type in the following:


          Hope it helps,

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            Jacqueline_Gikow Level 1
            I added the stop action layer like you said, but now the image isn't showing at all. The lalyer that the image is on is a transition layer. Do I have to put a motion tween in it? It didn't need one when the image wouldn't stop scrolling.