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    Formatting URLs

    TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP



      I'm wondering how to format a long url. I want it to be allowed to break

      at the end of the line anywhere within the URL, without adding a hyphen. So:





      would be fine.


      I've tried creating a character style with the language set to [No

      Language] but that doesn't seem to do the trick. If I disable

      hyphenation in the paragraph containing the URL, things are better, but

      the cost is rather high. I'd rather not disable hyphenation.


      I'd also prefer not to have to add discretionary breaks of one sort or

      another if avoidable.


      Finally, for my scripting brethren, I found this intriguing property:



      Data Type: Boolean

      Adobe InDesign CS6 (8.0) Object Model

      If true, words unassociated with a hyphenation dictionary can break to

      the next line on any character.


      But applying it to some selected text by running this line of script


      app.selection[0].allowArbitraryHyphenation = true;


      doesn't seem to achieve anything at all.


      Any help would be appreciated.