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    How to capture AV-file with multitrack audio in Windows (Premiere)?


      Does anyone have know how to capture AVI file with multitrack audio (12-16 channels) in Windows?

      I have both versions of Premiere installed in my PC (CS5.5.2 and CS6.0.3). Premiere is able to capture AVI with only 6 audio tracks (5+1), even if you have project with 16-channel Master.

      I'm using Balckmagic Multibridge Eclipse. It has an utility for capture and playback AVI file with up to 16 channels of audio (Media Desktop), But it does not work correctly. Audio is getting out of sync when capture long programs. The "out of sync" effect is not static, and it's growing slowly during capture. After 1 hour of capture, tracks 2-16 are getting out of sync for more than 12 frames! It's a bug, but Blackmagic is unable to solve it since January.


      I urgently need solution. Please, help!