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    Pagemaker 7.0 file disappeared


      Hello all,


      I'm writing on behalf of my mom, whose Pagemaker 7.0 file just disappeared. She is running Windows XP from about 6 years ago, and her old copy of Pagemaker. When she went to save her document under "save as," the computer informed her there was an error and the document could not be saved, then the document disappeared, leaving the Pagemaker "frame" but no document or buttons. She cannot find the document from before (it was not her first save, obviously), and it seems to have simply disappeared. All that remains is a .tmp file which doesn't even have the same name. When she opens Pagemaker and tries to open it from "Recent Publications," it gives her two errors, the second of which is "file not found."


      Where would it have gone? Can we recover it? My computer runs InDesign CS5, so if need be I could try to open it with that--but only if the .tmp file will be readable!